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With WPzon - Amazon Wordpress plugin you can easily add keyword targeted product listings from Amazon into your posts or pages.

Amazon Wp Plugin Features:

  • Display Product Image, Price, Description and Availability
  • Promote products by Amazon Locale (US, UK, DE, FR, CA, JP)
  • Get results by Search Index or Asin number
  • Sort products by reviews, price etc.
  • Set number of products  
  • Choose from three display modes: 1, 2 or 3 columns
  • Uses Amazon’s Rest Api for quick and lightweight results


You can download the latest version from Wordpress 


Upload the plugin to your blog and activate it.
Then go to Settings => WpZon and enter your AWS Access Key Id and AWS Secret Key id.


First of all be sure you are in the HTML Mode. Insert the shortcode into your post or page.
A correct code for displaying citizen watches would be:
[wpzon keywords="ipad case" sindex="Electronics" snode="172456" sort="reviewrank" listing="10"]

  • keywords = products you would like to promote
  • sindex = Amazon category (also known as Search Index). This includes Electronics, Shoes, Kitchen etc. You can find them all  here by country.
  • snode = Amazon subcategory (also known as Browse Node). To find all the browsenodes by country go to .
  • sort = sort products by price, bestselling, reviews etc. For the sort values go to Amazon Docs then select your country and category.
  • listing = number of products you would like to display

As an illustration the following shortcode:
[wpzon keywords="pressure cooker" sindex="Kitchen" snode="289825" sort="salesrank" listing="8"]
will show 8 pressure cookers from the Kitchen category, Pressure Cookers subcategory(289825) sorted by bestselling from
Note - In order the code to work properly you must set the values for the keywords, sindex and listing. The other two snode and sort are optional.


Short FAQ

If the plugin is not displaying anything, please make sure that:
  1. Your AWS keys are active and valid. (If you are a new Amazon affiliate or you've just created a new pair of keys allow at least 24 hours for the activation of your account and AWS keys). 
  2. You have signed up for an account on Amazon Associates and on Product Advertising Api as well
  3. Make sure that there aren't any spaces before or after the AWS keys in WpZon's admin panel.
  4. You are using country specific sindex (Search Index), snode (Browse Node) and sorting values
  5. Sindex (Search index) should always start with a capital letter

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If you need help or want to request a feature send me a comment below.
Thank you!

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